Pack of 2 Female Dog Diapers Sanitary Pantie Washable Reusable with Suspenders Stay On for Small Pet

  • $13.99

  • These diapers are reusable. They DO NOT INCLUDE the ABSORBENT pads. Women's feminine napkin works perfectly and attach with the adhesive strip. You decide how thick or pad you need for your dog.
  • These suspender diapers are typically used for female dogs. Our female dog diapers have many uses. They can be used for females in heat or during their menstruation cycles. The suspender diapers can help with the healing process after being spayed. They also work for pets with inconsistency, untrained young pets or to complete an outfit. Providing an extra level of protection for your pet will prevent messes in your home or other locations.
  • Our female diapers offer space for feminine napkins or incontinence pads. They include an inner sleeve to keep pads in place. The suspenders have three adjustments and are made with elastic for a snug fit. The suspenders button on and are redesigned for secure fastening. We chose stylish colors for your pet. Your pet will wear the suspender diapers with pride and look fashionable. They make great gifts and create a pleasant life for your pet.
  • For SMALL Dogs ONLY



Compare your pets measurements to THIS size chart FOR PROPER FIT


 XX-Small: Waist 8" - 12"     

 X-Small: Waist 12” – 14”  

 Small: Waist 14" - 16"    

Medium: Waist 16" - 20"

WAIST is measured directly in front of hind legs.


female diapers

 ATTENTION!  Please understand that there is no standard sizing system for pet clothing. Please measure your pet and compare to the chart provided as each brand and style of pet clothing has its own sizing system. One brand size M can very well be another brand size XL! Each listing has its own unique chart and no two listing charts are the same.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dee Lane
My little Lucy says thank you!

We were ecstatic to finally find something that works for the little girl dogs with incontinence problems. Our little girl Yorkie loves hers and they are so cute on her. My little

Dorothy Crocker
Wrong pattern

The incorrect pattern was sent. I ordered the butterfly and cupcake pattern and received the flower and candy pattern. Otherwise they are cute and fit my girl fine and serve their purpose - keeping the diaper on. I would appreciate if they sent me what I ordered but I don't intent returning these as I needed them asap.

Melanie Boots
Great quality and design!

Love them all! Thank you!

To SMALL go one size up

They are really cute, but there sizes are wrong I measured my dog and for what she measured she shld have wore there med, per there size chart I got them and they are to SMALL so now I am going to try and send them back to get the right sizes. Hopefully they exchange and give me the right size. 🤞🏼

Jane Price

They are too small but she is losing weight so may fit later.