Pack - 6pcs Male Dog Diapers Wrap Belly Bands Reusable Washable Striped Random Colors

  • $18.99

Male dog diapers are reusable, machine wash and dry. They make great gifts, and create a pleasant life for your pet. They do not include the absorbent pads. Women's feminine napkin works perfectly and attach with the adhesive strip. You decide how thick of a pad you need for your dog. For your pets’ health and safety, we do not recommend using the diaper for repeat urination and ask that you please change your pet as needed. Made for small pets.


Compare your pets measurements to THIS size chart FOR PROPER FIT

XX-Small: Waist 8" - 10"

X-Small: Waist 9" - 11"

Small: Waist 11" - 13"

Medium: Waist 13" - 16"

Large: Waist 14" - 18”

WAIST is measured directly in front of hind legs.

dog belly band wrap

ATTENTION!  Please understand that there is no standard sizing system for pet clothing. Please measure your pet and compare to the chart provided as each brand and style of pet clothing has its own sizing system. One brand size M can very well be another brand size XL! Each listing has its own unique chart and no two listing charts are the same.

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Whitley
Belly bands

Bands looked great, delivered on time. I measured my dog and ordered the size that was the right fit supposedly. They are too big. I'm very disappointed. I will donate to the animal control that I got the dog from.

Terri Twigg
Belly bands

These are perfect for my elderly yorkie male. Well made easily cleaned. It was a wonderful bargain indeed

Erin Charlson

Working out great, but diffently different patterns, colors would be lucky to pick from.
Luv they r machine washable...

Michele Finelli

I have used these on our dogs. I ordered these for my self. Makes a good mask. For 2020

Good value

Fantastic price for six items. I don't care for the odd patterns and colors. Wish it came in traditional male colors and solid with pattern not stripes. There were some noticeable differences in the overall length of the wraps though they were all labeled mediums. The width was perfect as all the feminine pads fit inside nicely. They wash and dry just fine. My neighbor liked them so much she bought a set for her senior dog!