Set of Tactical Collar and Leash Dog Military Army Heavy Duty Training with Handle

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HEAVY DUTY Military Army Tactical Dog Collar is made of the highest quality materials which include ITW Nexus buckles (which are used in most military gear around the world). The collar is made of military grade polyamide webbing sewn into two layers for extra toughness. All sizes are 1.5” wide and nearly unbreakable. Our collar is tear proof, snap proof and break proof. It is machine washable at low temperatures and very durable. Our specially designed handle makes control of your dog much easier in tough situations such as prey sightings, crossing busy roads, or those unexpected loud noises. The handle is sized to fit an average adult males hand for a firm and secure grip. Made for medium and large pets. The color of the leash clip/buckle may vary from what is shown in photo.


Compare your pets measurements to THIS size chart FOR PROPER FIT


Medium: Neck 12" - 14"

Large: Neck 14" - 16"

X-Large: Neck 16" - 20"

XX-Large: Neck 20" - 24"

heavy duty tactical collar and leash

ATTENTION!  Please understand that there is no standard sizing system for pet clothing. Please measure your pet and compare to the chart provided as each brand and style of pet clothing has its own sizing system. One brand size M can very well be another brand size XL! Each listing has its own unique chart and no two listing charts are the same.

The color of the leash clip/buckle may vary from what is shown in photo.


Customer Reviews

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Not the greatest quality

So we bought this set in advance before our cane corso gets much bigger. He is only 12 weeks old and the clamp on the leash broke, can’t say much for the collar yet because he’s too small to fit it, hopefully it’s off better quality than the leash.

Very appealing! Very strong! Well made!

So far so good! He's had it on for 2 days now. The bungee leash with the extra handle helps my kids with control. The collar has the handle as well which helps with training and control. Collar fits very well and seems to be well made. Leash is well made. My Pit is 9 months old he weighs 80lbs and the xl has plenty room up and down so he can grow into it . Love the quick release leash! The collar buckle is plastic but it's military grade and very tough. I purposely tried to pull it apart and was unsuccessful. I measured Apollos neck before I ordered and it was 18" so I got the xl. I actually chose this over the M1 K9 .