Dog Suspenders for Pet Clothes Apparel Diapers Pants Skirt Belly Bands Small Medium and Large Dogs

  • $12.99

  • UNIQUE DESIGN- Specially designed to keep your pet’s clothing like diapers, pants, belly bands and skirts from slipping off. Giving you a wider shopping option for different pet clothing styles. Made with high quality fasteners to ensure maximum hold. Stretchy suspenders are enhanced with exclusive emblems for an individual appearance.
  • HIGH QUALITY- Suspenders are made of high-quality fabrics to adjust and stretch as your pet needs. Fasteners include plastic grips for the perfect attachment on any type of material.
  • ADJUSTABLE- A great solution for pets who are long or have large chests. Our suspenders are made to fit small to large pets. They are designed with fully adjustable straps for a wide range of comfort. We offer three size options. XXS fits pets 3lb - 9lbs. XS-M fits pets 9lb - 25lbs. L-XXL fits pets 25lb - 100lbs.
  • FLEECE LINERS- We have specially designed our suspenders for the best comfort. They include fleece fabric liners around the suspender’s straps for a smooth touch.


        Compare your pets measurements to THIS size chart FOR PROPER FIT

        SIZE CHART

        XX-Small: Weight 3lb - 9lbs

        X-Small/Medium: Weight 9lb - 25lbs

        Large/XX-Large: Weight 25lb - 100lbs


        dog suspenders stretch

        ATTENTION!  Please understand that there is no standard sizing system for pet clothing. Please compare your pets weight to the chart provided as each brand and style of pet clothing has its own sizing system. One brand size M can very well be another brand size XL! Each listing has its own unique chart and no two listing charts are the same.

        Customer Reviews

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        Work Great

        Hard to adjust, but do the job well

        Michael J. Mathis

        Received xs dog suspenders for my jack Russell!They are pretty tight and there is no adjustment!Need next size larger in black!Please send return shipping instructions!Have sent 2 notices!


        Love, Love, Love these!!! They work so well for our senior dogs that constantly slip out of their belly bands. And the dogs don't seem bothered by them either!

        Bob Miller
        High quality, long lasting, attractive

        We bought two pairs of these suspenders and diapers for an old (14 1/2) West Highland Terrier mix female who unfortunately leaks throughout the day. Tried all types of diapers but she always managed to quickly wiggle and rub them off. Not with the arrival of these cute, well made suspenders! She’s wiggles, rubs, rolls and can run in circles, but the diapers are there to stay! Wonderful product! The diapers we wash over and over - 6 months now, and they still look like new (we dry them on a clothes line, not the dryer). Their design and the snaps along the back ensure a tight fit, preventing all accidents, including #2 if you know what I mean! She’s not overly fond of having her tail held will we pull the diaper up over it, but she tolerates it and even ducks when we loop the suspenders over her head. The Velcro flaps that go over her back are super easy to fasten. 5 stars are not sufficient!

        Adorable and Absorbent

        I love these washable diapers for my senior incontinent dog and the suspenders are great for making sure the diaper stays in overnight. The suspenders hold tight and are soft.